Adaptive Agile Methodologies
Our Adaptive Agile Methodology minimizes risks ... and quickly places solutions into the hands of users and operators.
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Our Adaptive Agile Methodologies quickly place solutions into the hands of users & operators.

Our strategy is to provide a good portion of desired capabilities up front in the short term, and gradually upgrade functionality with continuous input from the field. The result is that working prototypes can be field tested in
weeks or months, not years.

OcularIT Solutions, Adaptive Agile Methodologies


The OcularIT Solutions' Adaptive Agile Methodology minimizes risks by developing software in sprints, in which each sprint is a miniature software project of its own, and includes all the tasks necessary to release the mini-increment of new functionality: planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, and documentation.

By splitting large-scale developments into phases, an initial capability is provided as early as possible, while ensuring that the system is improved based on feedback from the previous iteration.

Our customers including Schools, Defense and Intelligence agencies can effectively use our Adaptive Agile development solutions to address constantly changing, unanticipated mission requirements.


Our CMMI Level III aligned Adaptive Agile Methodology is adaptive because it is flexible enough to incorporate customer specific development standards while ensuring compliance with the CMMI Level III requirements. Our approach is to decompose the overall system architecture into a series of smaller increments which provide ever increasing blocks of functionality.

OcularIT Solutions, Adaptive Agile Methodologies
OcularIT Solutions is truly independent, as we are not tied to a specific platform, technology, or vendor – allowing us to offer solutions that are unencumbered and integrated to provide the best functionality. Indeed, we offer customers a breadth of solutions that are built upon free Open Source technologies.
OcularIT Solutions, Adaptive Agile Methodologies


Our team structure reflects a typical flat agile organization with the Management Lead, Technical Lead and Dev Leads coordinating and collaborating for resource allocation, addressing impediments, identifying and implementing improvements and staying abreast of new technology trends in DevOps, cloud computing and general information technology.

In our approach, the customer stakeholders including the product owner, architecture and design teams, configuration management and security teams meet weekly for Sprint Planning with the Development Leads, analysts and/or the Management and Tech Leads to document, decompose, and review user stories and acceptance criteria to ensure the backlog is constantly groomed.


Once the sprint is set, the Scrum Masters and analysts continue to have several backlog grooming meetings with the product owners when new user stories are being developed and acceptance criteria is being set. The product owner begins to prioritize these in preparation for the next sprint cycle.

Throughout the week, the Scrum Masters, development leads, and management continue to have planning meetings with the customer IT Project Manager and product owners to discuss higher level risks, dependencies, and the road map for new development for the next couple of months.

OcularIT Solutions, Adaptive Agile Methodologies

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