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Our unique staffing solutions enables us to find resources that ... have specialized skill and the experience to ensure project success.
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Breaking Boundaries

Finding top notch talent can be a difficult task for many organizations but OcularIT is here to help!

It’s simple; You need to find talented developers to add to your team. People who can help you improve and expand your project efficiently and securely. OcularIT Solutions embraces change and we are always exploring new ways to work smarter and manage change. We use our Adaptive Agile process to engineer rapid prototypes and advanced secured solutions.

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OcularIT Solutions, Staffing Services, Virtual and Remote Project Staffing


OcularIT build dedicated engineering teams on demand. We hire only top talent with a flair to learn and execute. We embrace the startup culture and strive to be extremely agile. We provide the core competencies required to build a successful product.

OcularIT will become an extension of your current staff and provide you with a cost effective remote staffing solution. First we take the time to understand your project requirements and budget before we engage highly experienced consultants who have the specialized experience in the specific project/task you are trying to implement.

Don’t take our word for it. Ask our satisfied customers like K12ology Inc. about their experience as we built a number of their products using virtual teams.

OcularIT Solutions, Virtual Remote Project Staffing Services, Project Management, Project Planning


Empower your Product Development Team

OcularIT have been empowering software teams, to deliver great products, really fast with huge savings, for years now. With access to a huge talent pool of developers and designers, we are confident we can do the same for you!

OcularIT Solutions, Virtual Remote Project Staffing Services, Project Management, Project Monitoring


Accountability matters!

Weekly on-site/conference call project meetings are scheduled to monitor and address the project status and outstanding issues.

OcularIT Solutions, Virtual Remote Project Staffing Services, Project Management, Customer Support


Mobile! Web! Big Data!

OcularIT have a global network of developers and designers. Whatever technology stack you are building upon, be it mobile, web, big data; JavaScript or PHP Frameworks; we can help!

Over the years we’ve refined our technical screening process and have learned what works & what doesn’t. Our vetting process and interviews aim to simulate a day-to-day work scenario where the candidate is asked to solve problems.


Project Profiles

Learn how we have helped Federal, State Local Government and even startups exceed their project goals.

OcularIT Solutions, H1BStar


Responsive Cloud Based Solutions

OcularIT personnel provided the Department of Systems Engineering (DSE) and the Operations Research Center (ORCEN) with computer programming support for the analytics and tools that originate in DSE and the ORCEN. Key technologies included Android, Scala, IOS, HTML5, and JAVA.

OcularIT Solutions, H1BStar


Community Dashboards

Using our Virtual Team services, OcularIT designed and built the K12 Community Dashboards SaaS product which offers K-12 school districts visual reporting capabilities for reporting school performance metrics. Key technologies include D3.js, JAVA on a Linux/Tomcat platform.

OcularIT Solutions, H1BStar


Migrate web application to AWS Cloud

OcularIT personnel migrated a Web application to the AWS Cloud for DSE to better enable Cadets easier access to class materials on and off-site using IPads and desktop devices. Built upon a SCALA / PLAY J2EE Framework and running on Red Hat LINUX.

Adaptive & Agile Methodologies

OcularIT applies our Adaptive Agile development services to address constantly changing, unanticipated mission requirements for schools districts. Our Adaptive Agile Methodology minimizes risks by developing solutions in short intervals, called iterations or sprints, which typically last one to four weeks.

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At OcularIT, we firmly believe that your success is our success! Our team is here to support you! OcularIT’s cloud-based solutions which are offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) allows you remain on the cutting edge while maintaining predictable expenses and exceptional service to your students. The OcularIT managed services includes 24 x 7 x 365 help desk support. We provide quick problem resolution and customer satisfaction through a structured and repeatable process to support Customer managed services.

OcularIT Continuous Support is always available through our website or support line. We hope that you never need support, but if you do we are here ready to help.


OcularIT Solutions, Staffing Services, Virtual and Remote Project Staffing

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